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Our Story

High Desert Therapy and Pacific Coast Therapy have a long history of providing quality therapy services to our communities. Our story is one of humble beginnings and a good old fashion American work ethic. It all began a long, long, long time ago...when Rick Stephenson bought a small outpatient practice and started Redwood Pacific Therapies in Watsonville in 1974. His practice grew into the largest therapy organization in Watsonville. In addition to outpatient therapy services, they provided therapy services for Watsonville Community Hospital, several local nursing homes, and helped start home health therapy through Prime Health at Home.

Then came 1995 and an opportunity for Rick to move his family to Northern Nevada. The initial thought was partial retirement, but that didn’t last long. His experience and knowledge provided him the opportunity to once again provide therapy services in a variety of settings in association with Carson Tahoe Hospital. The private outpatient practice portion of the business started in Minden and expanded into Carson City, Reno, Sparks and Dayton.

Now to answer the question many of our California patients have asked...what’s the connection between Pacific Coast Therapists with High Desert Therapist?

In 2004 opportunity came knocking again. Rick reconnected with several of his lifelong friends and medical associates, who asked him to restart his practice in Watsonville. Knowing he couldn’t move back to California to manage a new clinic, he looked for help. That’s when Steven stepped into the picture (well, he actually entered the scene much sooner, but you will have to keep reading to get that little detail).

Steven went to work for Rick in Nevada when he graduated from PT school in 1997. He quickly fell in love with outpatient therapy and developed a desire to grow in his manual skills and diagnostic abilities. After managing the Dayton clinic for 2 years, Steven and his family moved to Paso Robles, California to be closer to home (Aptos). In Paso, he worked in a private outpatient facility and gained a desire to take that “next step” in professional growth; ownership of a private practice. The timing of his desire to own a practice coincide perfectly with Rick’s opportunity to return to California. Rick, while riding his lawnmower, came up with the idea of asking Steven if he wanted to move back home to restart the practice in Watsonville. One discussion lead to another, and in March of 2004 Pacific Coast Therapists was born and became a satellite location to the Nevada based company of High Desert Therapists. Since then, this clinic has once again grown to become the largest physical therapy practice in Watsonville.

Now for the fun little detail of our story...this is not just about business and physical therapy and a desire to provide quality services. It’s also a family story. You see, Steven met Rick’s daughter, Sherry, in high school many years ago and the two married shortly after high school.

So there you have it. It’s fair to say that we understand the importance of family and business. And it’s a major reason why we consider it an honor that you would join “our family” and allow us to be a part of your recovery.


High Desert Therapists and Pacific Coast Therapist.